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15 September 2016 to 30 October 2016

Lily Mae Martin is a Ballarat-based artist who previously lived on a farm in Waterloo, which is half an hour from Ararat.  While living on the land she created a body of work about family life, including portraits of her young daughter against a backdrop of the rugged landscape.

Lily Mae has always been interested in exploring representations of femininity, femaleness and the female body. Her most recent body of work has explored the internal world of women as communicated by the body. This is in part a response to contemporary representations of femaleness: the female body is ubiquitous, presented visually everywhere, in contexts that range from the crassly commercial to the sacred and divine – and yet these representations, to her, have always felt devoid of the female experience as she knows and understands it.

Many of the drawings in this exhibition examine and represent aspects of the female physical and emotional experience through the medium of ink on paper. The composition isolates full-length portraits of nude women within the negative space of the paper, simultaneously drawing attention to the details of each individual body, (toenails, hair, the cracks and crevices in skin) while the larger scale of the works allows her to experiment with negative space as well as their imposition on the exhibition space and the viewer’s consciousness. 

The exhibition also includes painted and drawn portraits of the artist's friends, peers and family members providing a rich insight into the diverse practice of an artist whose technically accomlished draughtsmanship underpins a unique investigation of the human psyche.

Lily Mae Martin is a graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts. She was a finalist in the 2014 Benalla Nude Art Prize, Benalla Art Gallery; 2016 Rick Amor Prize, Art Gallery of Ballarat; 2016 Paul Guest Drawing Prize, Bendigo Art Gallery.  She won the Ursula Hoff Emerging Artist Acquisitive Award at the 2016 National Works of Paper Award, Mornington Peninsula Art Gallery. She is represented by Scott Livesey Gallery.

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