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3 July 2014 to 24 August 2014

It was drawing that first brought attention to Russell Drysdale in the early 1930's while recovering in hospital, and towards the end of his life when he was restricted due to ill health; it was drawing that once again occupied him. Through drawing Drysdale engaged with representation, touch and vision. He sought to create images that went beyond the depiction of appearances, wrestling with the significance of marks and mark making. He did not labour over details that were not essential; rather he focussed on the essential features leaving the remaining image to the viewer's imagination. 

Defective eyesight excluded Drysdale from war service, but through a need to be involved he produced what has become a significant body of work that details army life in Australia. Some of these works held in the Albury Art Gallery collection include Albury Platform 1943 and Convoy on Road near Albury 1942. 

Drawing on Drysdale brings together 40 drawings, sketches, objects and writings into an exhibition that acknowledges one of the great Australian Artists of the 20th Century.

An AlburyCity touring exhibition.



(Small):'Untitled' 1937 (detail), pen, wash, 42x37cm, AlburyCity Collection

(Large); 'Evening Camp' 1961 (detail), pen, ink, 25x33cm, AlburyCity Collection

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